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Life Lesson #39 of my first 40 years: The Formula for Results

Life Lesson #39:  The Formula for Results

Our lives are measured by the results we achieve – both personally and professionally.  Through all of my research and experience I have come to find that there are 2 main components that create the Formula for Results:

Energy:  Energy is ultimately how you make other people feel.  It is how you show up in the world – its contagious and impacts those around you – whether it is positive or negative.  Energy is a state of being, or the attitude you have within any situation, regardless of circumstances.  Energy is living with passion and confidence.  Energy is being solution conscious and adaptable to change.  Energy is bottom line  – how you make other people feel while in your midst – do they trust and respect you?

Execution:  Execution is the doing.  It is having goals and objectives and getting the job done.  Execution is growing your level of competency and following through on any and all commitments you make.  Execution is playing/doing your role within a team and organization to the best of your ability.

The Formula of Results states:

Your ENERGY   x   Your EXECUTION    =     Your RESULTS

Using a scale of 1-10 (1o being Extraordinary, 1 being Awful) – rate yourself on how you have been showing up in this world.  I suggest that you rate yourself separately for your personal life and your professional life.  Where do you stand on the scale of 100 when Your ENERGY is multiplied by Your EXECUTION rating?

In addition to this Formula there is a scale that we use in my co-authored book (“Hospitality from the Heart” – available in Jan. 2013) to see where you fall into the category of “Experience” or RESULTS you are creating for the people around you.

Awful = RESULTS scores of 1-19

Transactional = RESULTS scores of 20-39

Good’nuff = RESULTS scores of 40-69

Great = RESULTS scores of 70-89

Extraordinary = RESULTS scores of 90-100

If you want more success and happiness in your life, you must begin to CONSISTENTLY show up in the Great or Extraordinary level of RESULTS.  I have found that this world doesn’t really reward Good’nuff or less, yet that is what many people are content with.

I suggest you use this Formula for Results every day/weekly/monthly – make it a part of your life.  Once you have your rating, challenge/ask yourself – How can I improve on my ENERGY?  How can I improve on my EXECUTION?

When you choose to live life from your passion, strengths and doing work that you are meant to do, you will find yourself getting better and better RESULTS.  And as you get better RESULTS, you will have more and more rewards and opportunities that you have EARNED and DESERVE.

***Another word for ENERGY would be BEING (inspired by Robert Greenleaf)

***Another word for EXECUTION would be DOING (inspired by Peter Drucker)

***You can also use the Formula for Results for Teams/Groups/Organizations as well – just rate the entire group as a whole.

Award-winning Author, Speaker, & Trainer (more importantly, a loving husband, father, son, brother and friend), Brandon W. Johnson, a.k.a., "Positive Energy Guy"

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