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Award-winning author, speaker and trainer, Brandon W. Johnson - The Positive Energy Guy™

Voted #1 Global Guru for the Hospitality Industry year after year! 


Voted #1 Global Hospitality Training Program for my Hospitality from the HEART training! 


Voted #2 Global Leadership Training Program for my 2-day HEART of a Leader Training!

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Keynote Speaking

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"We have over the years invited various outside speakers into our organization to present to our leaders, staff, or both.  Without a doubt, Brandon's message of Positive Energy and HEART has had a lasting positive impact on our organization and culture.  His engaging, energetic, and humorous style is AWESOME - I highly, unequivocally recommend!"

John Tormanen, Director of Mission and HR, CHI St. Joseph's Health

Leadership Trainings

"I have worked in the personal and professional development industry for over 25 years and have attended dozens of leadership trainings. I found that the Heart of a Leader training was the most rewarding and beneficial training program I have ever experienced."

Gary Chappell, CEO of Nightingale Conant, Chicago,IL


Honored.  Humbled.  Grateful. 

Our 2-day HEART of a Leader Training was voted the #2 Leadership Training in the World by Global Gurus in 2020!

Honored as the "Business Book of the Year"

"Brandon and Katherine are right on.  True service comes from the heart.  When leaders encourage their employees to serve from the heart, there is no telling what great magic can happen for an organization.  Hospitality from the HEART takes you on a journey that shows you these truths."

 John Christensen, CEO of Charthouse Learning and Co-author of Fish!


Brandon's Blog

What I Have Learned – #55 (July 2024)

What I Have Learned – Volume 55 (July 2024) I have learned to do what I have to do now to create the freedom to do what I want to do in the future. I have learned that if you want to know how much money you need for financial independence take your annual expenses/spending…

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What I Have Learned – #54 (June 2024)

I have learned that it truly is a fact that dogs are man’s best friends. I have learned that motivation can be created by taking action. I have learned that I can deeply love our country and at the same time not love the politicians that our running our government. I have learned that nothing…

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What I Have Learned – #53 (May 2024)

I have learned to never underestimate the energy and power of connection I feel when meeting a new person with similar interests. I have learned that it is critically important to always start with choosing reality when making decisions for my future. I have learned that I want the true data without all the drama.…

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