"Hospitality from the HEART is more than just another inspirational book - it's a journey of transformation that gives you all the ideas and strategis you need to create a lasting legacy of extraordinary service in your organization." 

Dan Strutzel, Vice President, Nightingale-Conant Corp.

"This book's simplicity is its beauty.  No gimmicks...just a discussion about how your heart can help you improve the experiences of both guests and employees.  As a General Manager of a historic, four-diamond hotel, I found multiple applications I can use to bring our well-established culture to the next level."

David Miller, GM, The Saint Paul Hotel - named one of the Top 100 hotels in the world by Conde Nast Traveler

Honored as MIPA's "Business Book of the Year"

Engage Your Employees, Deliver Extraordinary Service and Create Loyal Guests


"In today's world people are not starving for information, they're starving for connection."

You may serve great food. You may have a beautiful building and grounds. You may have the hippest decor. You may have all of the newest technology wants and needs.

In today's world, though, that's not enough. Because it's not just about all of those things or whether your marketing efforts bring customers to your place of business.

It’s about whether your hospitality will bring your guests back.

Hospitality from the Heart - Part I is an inspiring fable featuring the likable but burned-out and misguided Jim Watts. Jim has the experience and the work ethic that industry professionals admire and believe lead to success, but Jim still feels as if he is missing something. After finding himself and his wife at the quaint Gottschalk Inn for an unplanned weekend, that missing piece begins to appear and he learns the invaluable lessons of customer service, hospitality, and HEART.

Hospitality from the Heart - Part II is where the lessons of the story meet the real world. It is a step-by-step guide for you to apply the principles of HEART into your organization and life.

The result? Improved employee engagement, better morale, extraordinary service, greater customer loyalty, and increased profits. And best of all? A better place to work - for your team and you.

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