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What I Learned – Volume 2

I have learned that I prefer starting each of these statements with “I have learned” vs. “I learned.” I have learned that I actually learn more about others and myself via the “no’s” in life versus the “yes’s.” I have learned that doing your best to raise great kids turns into lawns being mowed, driveways…

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What I Learned – Volume 1

I am all about energy my friends….and sometimes it comes in the form of intuition or feelings. And I’ve realized that blogging is not “my thing” – yet want to continue to use this medium to stay in contact with the tribe and keep the website “fresh” as well. So I am embarking on a…

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The Power of Helping Others

The year was 2000 and I had the honor of attending one of my first “transformational” training experiences, which was Zig Ziglar’s “Born To Win” training. Throughout those few days I was inspired, challenged, and equipped to be able to take the tools, resources, and teachings and go home to create the life and career…

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Where To Focus Your Energy

Many of us get caught up in spending too much in evaluating the past and/or planning for the future when in all reality the key to long-term success and happiness is right in front of us. It is in focusing our energy and appreciation on being happy with what we have, yet at the same…

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The Crazy Thing About Your Gifts

Gifts. Everyone has them and they are unique to you. No one else in this world has ever had your combination of gifts, nor will the world see them ever again. Isn’t that awesome, inspiring, and a bit scary all at the same time? And as I’ve continued to embrace my gifts, develop them, and…

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