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What I Learned – Volume 4

I have learned that blaming anyone or anything else about any situation is a total waste of time and energy and it never helps the situation move forward. I have learned that honest and straightforward communication is the only way to build truly authentic, deep, and real relationships. I have learned that there are some…

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What I Learned – Volume 3

I have learned that using an independent insurance broker can save us thousands of dollars annually on our auto and home insurance. I have learned that there is a huge difference in being busy and being productive. I have learned that I am either working on my/our dreams or I am working for someone else…

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What I Learned – Volume 2

I have learned that I prefer starting each of these statements with “I have learned” vs. “I learned.” I have learned that I actually learn more about others and myself via the “no’s” in life versus the “yes’s.” I have learned that doing your best to raise great kids turns into lawns being mowed, driveways…

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What I Learned – Volume 1

I am all about energy my friends….and sometimes it comes in the form of intuition or feelings. And I’ve realized that blogging is not “my thing” – yet want to continue to use this medium to stay in contact with the tribe and keep the website “fresh” as well. So I am embarking on a…

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The Power of Helping Others

The year was 2000 and I had the honor of attending one of my first “transformational” training experiences, which was Zig Ziglar’s “Born To Win” training. Throughout those few days I was inspired, challenged, and equipped to be able to take the tools, resources, and teachings and go home to create the life and career…

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