That is my THEME word for 2015.

FINISH that to-do project.
FINISH the reprinting of our book.
FINISH the follow up with the various new opportunities.
FINISH the idea that has been dragging out for years – and do it or don’t do it.
FINISH the day’s work prior to the family coming home.

I’ve used new year’s resolutions and I’ve used annual goals and objectives, yet nothing has compared to not only the results I’ve accomplished in the first 7 weeks of 2015, but more importantly how it FEELS to have a theme for the year.

Here is the “catch” – your THEME can only be one word. Not a phrase, not a mission statement, not two words. One word – trust me and trust the process.

It’s fun. It’s fresh. It’s easy. And it is a whole-person approach to applying your chosen theme to every aspect of your life to achieve your desired results in business and life.

It’s just a whole different energy and focus for not only me, but my family is in on the fun too! Each of them has chosen their theme words for the year as well:

Zachary (8): FOCUS (in karate, in school, while eating, etc.)
Emma (11): BETTER (be an even better student, dancer, friend, sister, etc.)

It has been a great reminder for us all that when we keep life simple and don’t over-complicate it, we actually accomplish more and have a lot more fun while doing it.

What will your ONE WORD THEME be for 2015?

Adventure? Smile? Fun? Health? Faith? Awesome? Love? Connection? HEART?

Award-winning Author, Speaker, & Trainer (more importantly, a loving husband, father, son, brother and friend), Brandon W. Johnson, a.k.a., "Positive Energy Guy"