Focus is an Attitude

Many people want to have more focus in their life, most likely because the focused person tends to be an effective person.

Focus is an attitude, you must DECIDE that you are focused otherwise you will lose it. Let’s take a true story of a two year old, a bat and a ball. We all know two year olds, they have then attention span of a gnat. We were playing baseball and I was pitching to him, underhanded and from about 10 feet away.

He was struggling and then I told him to focus and keep his eye on the ball. He lowered his eye lids, took his smile off and without a doubt had his game face on. He went on to SMASH 4 pitches in a row! The game face went away because he was excited and then he went on to hit 1 out of every five pitches, until I told him to focus and keep your eye on the ball. The eyes became small and the game face came on and he went on to smash 5 out 6.

The lesson is this Focus is an attitude. Here our some steps to get yourself focused so much that you SMASH all of your goals today.

1. Put your game face. Decide there is NO messing around!

2. Take a moment and see yourself being successful. I recommend 60 seconds of focus. Envision yourself being successful.

3. Take Action with your game face on.

4. Celebrate your success. Learn from the failures. Repeat as necessary.

These steps work. I know, I just used them to create this post in 11 minutes. Normally, in an unfocused state it can take me a 1/2 hour.

Now, I am going to celebrate with the song of the day!

Celebration- Kool and the Gang

In Your Service


James Anderson (guest author)


Award-winning Author, Speaker, & Trainer (more importantly, a loving husband, father, son, brother and friend), Brandon W. Johnson, a.k.a., "Positive Energy Guy"