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Life Lesson #31 of my first 40 years: Always do your best work.

Life Lesson #31:  Always do your best work.

You will never know the full impact that your work has on others – so why not do your best in all that you do?  Doing less than your best takes a toll on everyone around you.

There seems to be less pride in one’s work in today’s society versus past generations – perhaps it has something to do with the “speed” of the world these days.

The project you are working on –  do your best work.

That presentation you have to give – do your best work.

The conversation you are going to have with your co-worker – do your best work.

Your interactions with every customer or guest you come across – do your best work.

In all things you do – why not do your best work?  Everything you do and say is a reflection of you – so how do you want to be remembered?

Become an expert in your work/field and always deliver your best – don’t turn something over to someone else unless it has been “stamped” with your very best work.

You are being rewarded to do your best, not to just play a role.  That takes time and commitment, in fact, the Harvard Business Review has found that there are 3 things that lead to you being an Expert in your field/work:

1.  Deliberate practice towards improvements on your strengths/weaknesses in the field of work.

2.  Consistent coaching/feedback on your performance.

3.  10,000 hours or 10 years of time – experience doing the work.

Put the work in – become an expert – and continue to share your gifts and talents with the world by doing your best work.


Award-winning Author, Speaker, & Trainer (more importantly, a loving husband, father, son, brother and friend), Brandon W. Johnson, a.k.a., "Positive Energy Guy"

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