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The Power of Progress


First things first, it is your job to motivate yourself my friends.

The longer you wait for someone or something else to motivate you, the less goals, dreams, and aspirations you will achieve. That is a fact.

We are all motivated in different ways by different things, however the latest research has found that the #1 internal motivator for human beings is PROGRESS.

And according to the dictionary, PROGRESS is defined as: forward or onward movement toward a destination.


So in order to have PROGRESS, you need to first have a destination. Most people don’t have the life or career that they desire because they haven’t decided what type of life or career they want.

Make sure you are not the main obstacle to your destination/goals/dreams/aspirations.

Decide what your ideal life looks and feels like.

Decide what your ideal career looks and feels like.

Decide what your ideal relationship looks and feels like.

Repeat in other aspects of your life.

And then get started on taking action, connecting with people, asking questions, studying the best of the best, and doing what needs to be done to continuously make PROGRESS.

Continuous PROGRESS = many destinations achieved my friends.

There will be challenges, bad days, bad people, and bad things that happen – awesome. Grow and learn from them – make PROGRESS – and get re-focused and continue on the journey towards your destination.

The “tool” I created, teach, and use to help me measure my PROGRESS on a moment to moment, daily, weekly, and monthly basis is what I call “The 4 Power Questions,” which are:

1. What’s working for me?

2. What’s not working for me?

3. What have I learned from this?

4. What will I do differently moving forward?

The great thing about this PROGRESS journey is that not only are you having forward or onward movement per the definition, you are also becoming a better, stronger, and wiser person as you grow, develop, and PROGRESS.

Another wonderful thing that takes place as you PROGRESS is that you will begin to receive from others another huge key to motivation – in fact, the #1 external factor for motivation – RECOGNITION.

This RECOGNITION will have been EARNED by you because of your PROGRESS, which will only create a perpetual and powerful cycle of motivation and success in your future.

Take ownership of your motivation my friends – we need your best work in this world – and the best way to add to your motivation is via PROGRESS.

Award-winning Author, Speaker, & Trainer (more importantly, a loving husband, father, son, brother and friend), Brandon W. Johnson, a.k.a., "Positive Energy Guy"

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