The Powerful 11

From my journey in life I have come to find very clearly that Success and Happiness does not just arrive randomly into your life.

It is not because someone is lucky that they are successful and happy – it is because they consistently do these 11 powerful things to create the life that they now live.

Do some of them consistently and you will get some results.

Do all of them consistently and some AMAZING things will come your way.

1.  Be YOU and share your unique gifts, passions, and talents with this world.

2.  Decide what you stand for, who will stand with you, and where you are going.  DECIDE and GO!

3.  Become an EXPERT in your field/craft/career/job/role.  Leaders are readers.

4.  Think less and FEEL more.  Stay out of your head and live and lead more from your heart.

5.  Be HUMBLE and a willing and relentless student of life.  Learn something new about life every day.

6.  Be COACHABLE.  Seek out, embrace and use feedback and failure as fuel to move forward.

7.  No poop throwing (whining, complaining, blaming, excuses, etc.).  Be a source of POSITIVE energy.

8.  FOCUS 100% of your energy x execution on one thing at a time.

9.  LET GO of the things and relationships that are no longer serving you.

10.  IGNORE the critics (including the ones in your head) and TRUST yourself.

11.  Be a good friend, mentor, and teacher – SHARE your lessons with the next generations.

Do these things consistently and you will see, feel, and know higher and higher levels of success and happiness that you deserve my friends.

Go out there and EARN IT.

Please understand this though – not everyone in your life right now will be willing to make the journey with you – and that’s ok.

Award-winning Author, Speaker, & Trainer (more importantly, a loving husband, father, son, brother and friend), Brandon W. Johnson, a.k.a., "Positive Energy Guy"