"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all."  - Aristotle

I believe that Positive Leaders create Positive Cultures.

Positive Cultures develop and create Positive Teams.

Positive Teams serve the clients and guests to create Positive Guest/Client Loyalty.

Positive Guest/Client Loyalty is what creates long-term Positive Profits.


Without Positive Leadership there will be no long-term profits. It all starts with Leadership Development.

Hospitality from the Heart

Half  Day Workshop

Unlimited Attendees


HEARTworkshopStJosephs2015This 3-4 hour workshop is for your entire leadership team and organization.

It is focused on understanding, embracing, and applying the HEART principles from Brandon's "Business book of the Year" - Hospitality from the HEART.

This workshop will give the entire organization tools and resources to take their life and careers to the next level.



HEART of a Leader

2 Day Training

Limited to 10-14 attendees


Leadership is not about your title, your benefits, or your salary.

It's about who you are, what you do and how you positively impact those around you.

And that means we have to start in the most important place.....By Leading Yourself.


Honored, humbled, and grateful to have this highly sought-after training named the #2 Global Leadership Training!


HEART of a Warrior

 3 Day Training

Limited to 10-16 attendees

The highly acclaimed sequel only open to "HEART of a Leader" graduates, puts you right in center of the ultimate leadership challenge......HEART of a Warrior.

The outcomes from this Leadership training are legendary - without a shadow of a doubt you will:

Know who you are as a Leader.

Know what you stand for as a Leader.

And completely understand how to positively impact and serve those around you by bringing your very best to the world.

When you choose to work with me, I guarantee that you will experience some of the best Transformational Leadership Trainings in the world.

They are intense. They are interactive. They are real.

And they all have HEART - something most leadership trainings in today's world are missing.