What I Have Learned – #34 (October 2022)

I have learned to keep life simple and focus on two main things every day and that is to grow and to give.

I have learned that continued research is showing that what is good for the climate may not always be what is good for the environment.

I have learned that I never become poorer by learning more.

I have learned that disagreement is healthy and that it is disappointing when people would rather immediately label the disagreement as hate.

I have learned that there is zero percent chance of success if I don’t take any action.

I have learned that excuses have never made my life better.

I have learned to be proud of the life we have created, yet not be arrogant.

I have learned that I am not promised anything in this world.

I have learned to think about money for what it can earn versus what it can buy.

I have learned that there is so much more good in this world than what the media and politicians would like me to believe.

Award-winning Author, Speaker, & Trainer (more importantly, a loving husband, father, son, brother and friend), Brandon W. Johnson, a.k.a., "Positive Energy Guy"