What I Have Learned – #53 (May 2024)

I have learned to never underestimate the energy and power of connection I feel when meeting a new person with similar interests.

I have learned that it is critically important to always start with choosing reality when making decisions for my future.

I have learned that I want the true data without all the drama.

I have learned to approach life with a beginner’s curiosity, attitude and mindset.

I have learned that vague and unclear plans will lead to vague and unclear results.

I have learned that some people don’t actually want help – they want attention.

I have learned that it is important to never compare grief journeys.

I have learned that the stories I tell myself matter. A lot.

I have learned that laughing out loud does the body and soul good.

I have learned that thinking for myself can be difficult and hard work and that’s why many people tend to not do it.

Award-winning Author, Speaker, & Trainer (more importantly, a loving husband, father, son, brother and friend), Brandon W. Johnson, a.k.a., "Positive Energy Guy"