What Event Organizers Are Saying...

Positive Energy.   Positive Teams.   Positive Results.

These are a collection of 6-12 minute clips of the many Positive Energy lessons and

Hospitality from the HEART Principles that I share with audiences across the world...

Three Things that impact your Thoughts/Life

Energy x Execution = Results

Super Hero Fell Down!

Relationships & The Five Love Languages

Attitude vs. Skills

Be Yourself

Stop Throwing Poop!

People do what you do, not what you tell them to do

Energy is Everything!

Power of Trust & Communications

Energy Defined & Energy Vampires

Positive Energy Guy's Journey

Poop Throwers vs. Positive Energy


Shy Guy to Positive Energy Guy

Energy Tank Fillers & Drainers

Attitude vs. Skills

The HEART Principles Defined

Energy x Execution = Results

Energy x Execution Discussion

The Four Power Questions

Super Hero Fell Down!

Power of Your Story & Relationships

Speech Topics:      Hospitality/Service, Leadership, Culture/Engagement, Performance Improvement, and Motivation.