Make It Happen. Period.


Anyone can make excuses. Not you. Anyone can create reasons why they didn’t do it. Not you. Anyone can say “I just don’t know what I want.” Not you. Anyone can blame someone or something else. Not you. Anyone can say that they are “too busy” or don’t have the time. Not you. Anyone can…

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Are you willing to FAIL?


At some point on our journey in life many of us started to fear failing. And because of that, we immediately began to limit the amount of successes in business and life we could have. The ONLY THING that has ever led to any level of success in your life is the going through failure…

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Are you COMMITTED or just interested?


I am not going to lie, this morning I did not want to work out. I worked out anyway. I didn’t want to go outside and shovel more ice and snow (again) today. I went out and shoveled anyway. I didn’t want to do some of the things on my to-do list today. I did…

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What’s your One Thing?


One Thing can make all the difference… The smallest of habits produce extraordinary results in your life my friends. In fact, that’s how and why, happy and successful people are and continue to be happy and successful. So when you look at your life and where you are at right now, what is that One…

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